Da Sheng Men represents a martial artform that looks back on a long tradition. A form of the so-called monkey boxing, that goes back to the mythical monkey god Sun Wukong, is taught at our school . On the dashengmen.de site you can find out more about monkey boxing as it is taught at this school. Have fun browsing!


The System
Da Sheng Men is a kung fu style that is made up of different substyles. All individual substyles have different meanings. The main focus at this school is on the „Wood“ and the „Stone Monkey“. [more]

Da Sheng Men is a fighting system that is taken from the mythical figure of the monkey god Sun Wukong. The military tradition of the style has been passed on for centuries, from generation to generation, within the Hu family. [more]

Training takes place on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The training sessions last between one and a half and two hours. [more]

The school is run by Thomas Quehl. [more]

Chinese Medicine
Chinese Medicine and martial arts have the same theoretical foundations. Throughout the centuries medicine and martial arts have influenced each other. Besides martial arts the training also gives insights into different techniques of Chinese Medicine. [more]

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